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Mandir SL-16 (This Mandir is Sold!)

Mandir SL-016 (This Mandir is Sold)
A very beautiful large standing wood mandir with dark rose color, lots of fine hand paintings and gold decorations.  The mandir has a shelf and railings on the sides.  A huge storage area with doors to store pooja items, the mandir also has a slide out tray to keep agarbatti or pooja thali, this makes the mandir highly functional for everyday standing pooja. 
Mandir Size
Width            31.5 inches
Depth            17.5 inches
Height           65.5 inches
Key Features:
•A large storage area with doors to store pooja items.
•Hand painted Gold decorations and trims with a beautiful gloss finish.
•Side railings adds to the beauty of the mandir.
•Slide out Tray to place agarbatti or pooja thali(12x 9.5 inches).
•Beautiful turned pillars with gold decorations.
•A 4 inch wide shelf to place pictures of deties.
•A brass OM sign adores the mandir.
•A low profile light to illuminate the mandir.