Mandir L-09

A very beautiful large wood mandir with doors and bell carvings in the main Pooja area and a huge storage drawer for everyday pooja items.  This mandir is dark rose in color with lots of fine hand paintings and gold decorations.  The mandir has a deep shelf to place deities.  The mandir also has a big slide out tray to keep agarbatti or pooja thali, this makes the mandir highly functional for everyday pooja. 
Mandir Size:

Width            34.75 inches
Depth            16.75 inches
Height           60.0 inches

Key Features:
  • A large storage drawer to store pooja items.
  • Main Pooja area with doors and bell carvings.
  • Hand painted Gold decorations and trims with a beautiful gloss finish.
  • Side cuttings to make the mandir more decoratively beautiful.  
  • The doors swing all the way to the sides adding to the convenience.
  • Slide out Tray to place agarbatti or pooja thali (14x 11.5 inches).
  • Beautiful turned pillars with gold decorations.
  • A 5.5 inch wide shelf to place pictures of dieties.
  • A OM sign inside the mandir adores the temple.
  • A low profile light to illuminate the mandir.